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Hayden Tribe

Hayden Tribe started this conversation

I NEED HELP - I looked on all four pages of assistance pages and there is nothing available in Southwest Florida !  I am a single mother with three children who has always prided herself on supporting her children with no assistance, I have always worked to support my tribe.  I at this time must swallow my pride and ask for HELP ! 

I have worked in the criminal justice field for the last twelve years, working diligently to protect the lives of the citizens of the state of Florida, and now I need someone to help me and my "tribe" of three daughters.  I injured myself on the job (three herniated discs in back) and since May 11, 2006 have not been allowed by my employer to return to work due to my permanent injury.  No money from workman's compensation because I have reached my maximum medical imrpovement and am permanently injured.  BUT as of this date my employer has still not fired me so that I can at least file for unemployment !! So no income from my employer or workman's compensation - this means no $$$$$ It has been over SEVEN months since I have received a paycheck.  PLEASE HELP

I have applied for job after job, but as soon as I am honest about my disability, I do not hear from the potential employer again.  The three temporary job agencies in my area will not send me out on jobs because they say it is a liability for there company.

Trust me when I tell you that I have written literally hundreds of e-mails attempting to obtain assistance from some organization or govermental entity for help, all the way to Governor Jeb Bush's office.  YOU KNOW WHAT - NO ONE IS LISTENING !

So I began searching the internet over for some type of help from somwhere and located this site.  I am not worried about no xmas toys or whatever, I need money to buy FOOD and keep a roof over the heads of my three daughters.

If you can help me and my three daughters, I will sincerely appreciate it and if you put a return address on the envelope - somehow, someday I will find a way to repay your graciousness !

Please send any donation amount to - Hayden, PMB #250, 3280-55A Tamiami Trail, Port Charlotte, FL 33952


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I have been there in your shoes and know how you feel. I was also living in Naples. Have you checked in with Red Cross and like Charities.. You may have to swallow some pride, but worth it to know that your girls have at the very least the basics. I have two girls and a boy. they look to be about the same ages as yours. If you need someone to talk to I dont know what I can do to helpyou, but I can be a friend if you need one.

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