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Hayden Tribe

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Hayden Tribe   in reply to soulight   on

Comment: BEING POOR - read this if you dont know what it is like to be poor. if you are poor , you already know

In the town where I live there are a lot of homeless people. I mean a lot ! They don't have a homeless shelter here, (they do have a soup kitchen, but not a shelter for sleeping) and I would like to start one. I found a piece of property that is away from any residential neighborhood (because people don't want "one of those" by their house). It is an old hotel but it looks like it would be big enough to help lots of people. It breaks my heart everytime I come across someone standing on the corner or see a mother and children pushing a shopping cart down the street. I have the heart to help them but not the finances! Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I could do this ? I don't have much but know that it only takes one person to change the world !!!

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Hayden Tribe   in reply to Susan Jester   on

Your posting to me is part of a fraudulent scheme which is easily located on the web. DO NOT, I repeate DO NOT be fooled into thinking that you are going to make victims out of ANY of the people on this website because I am posting this for ALL to see, and have forwarded your scheme posting to the F.B.I. as well as the operators of Aidmates. You are to cease and desist your attempt to get anyone on this website to "cash" your fake checks and or money orders. As for anyone even contemplating assisting this person to cash the checks or money orders, do a google seach first and you will see for yourself that it has been reported as fraudulent activity. DO NOT LISTEN TO THERE PROMISE OF EASY MONEY - IT IS A SHAM.

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Hayden Tribe   in reply to diamondbaby27   on


Here are some steps you can use to assist you in clearing your credit. First you must obtain a copy of your credit report. The negative things on your credit that you don't think are correct - Step 1 - send a registered letter to each and every creditor requesting that the debt be validated. The key word is "validated." Also put somewhere in your letter that you are requesting this validation per the Fair Credit Reporting Act. It is also very important that the letter is sent by registered mail with a return receipt. (this way you can prove the 30 day time frame.) Upon receiving the registered letter the company or entity that has put the negative mark on your credit has thirty (30)days in which to reply to you in writing that the debt has been validated and due and owing by you. If the company or whoever fails to reply within the 30 days, the negative entry on your credit report must be REMOVED. At the same time you are sending the letters out, start an investigation on-line with the credit reporting agency, Equifax or whoever. Instructions for starting an investigation should be on the credit report that you obtained. Per the Fair Credit Reporting Act, those creditors that fail to reply within the 30 day time frame in writing, the credit reporting agency (Equifax, etc.or whoever) will have to remove those items from your credit. To rebuild your credit and bring up your FICA score I used the following method. Obtain a credit card, even if it is at a high interest rate it will not matter because you will be paying the full balance at the end of every month and therefore will not be paying any interest. Once you get the credit card, when you get gas or go to the grocery store use the credit card but then subtract that amount of money and write it in your check register as if you had used your checking account. Then at the end of the month when you credit card bill is due - all the money needed to pay the entire balance will be available in your checking account. After you do this process for about six - nine months ask the credit card for an increase in your limit and continue to pay the balance in full at the end of every month. Within a years time if you always pay on time and pay the full balance, this should increase your credit score. I used this method after receiving information from a credit counseling agency and it helped my credit. Hopefully it will help you.

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Hayden Tribe   in reply to ben2007   on

i need help to pay my tuition

Go to your school and apply for a pell grant or work study program. They might be able to help you.

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Hayden Tribe   in reply to Mrs. P   on

I need help

Mrs P, there also programs offered by the federal government to help in fixing up your house if you qualify. http://www.eere.en the above link is for weatherization, windows, insulation, etc. Then this link - eap/ is a low income home energy assistance program (LIHEAP). If you apply both of these programs may be able to help you. Further I do not know if you have a mortgage on your home - but the verteran's administration may have programs able to assist you with either low interest loan (for mortgage) or programs to help fix up your house. Hope this helps :)

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Hayden Tribe   in reply to hopesplace   on

I need free dental work

Have you looked to see if your community has any dental colleges or universities ? Dental schools will do dental work because they are a "teaching" facility. Sometimes they will also go by your income so if you have little or none it may not cost much and you may be able to work out some type of payment plan. Just a thought.

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Hayden Tribe  

Hayden Tribe

I NEED HELP - I looked on all four pages of assistance pages and there is nothing available in Southwest Florida !  I am a single mother with three children who has always prided herself on supporting her children with no assistance, I have always worked to support my tribe.  I at this time must swallow my pride and ask for HELP ! 

I have worked in the criminal justice field for the last twelve years, working diligently to protect the lives of the citizens of the state of Florida, and now I need someone to help me and my "tribe" of three daughters.  I injured myself on the job (three herniated discs in back) and since May 11, 2006 have not been allowed by my employer to return to work due to my permanent injury.  No money from workman's compensation because I have reached my maximum medical imrpovement and am permanently injured.  BUT as of this date my employer has still not fired me so that I can at least file for unemployment !! So no income from my employer or workman's compensation - this means no $$$$$ It has been over SEVEN months since I have received a paycheck.  PLEASE HELP

I have applied for job after job, but as soon as I am honest about my disability, I do not hear from the potential employer again.  The three temporary job agencies in my area will not send me out on jobs because they say it is a liability for there company.

Trust me when I tell you that I have written literally hundreds of e-mails attempting to obtain assistance from some organization or govermental entity for help, all the way to Governor Jeb Bush's office.  YOU KNOW WHAT - NO ONE IS LISTENING !

So I began searching the internet over for some type of help from somwhere and located this site.  I am not worried about no xmas toys or whatever, I need money to buy FOOD and keep a roof over the heads of my three daughters.

If you can help me and my three daughters, I will sincerely appreciate it and if you put a return address on the envelope - somehow, someday I will find a way to repay your graciousness !

Please send any donation amount to - Hayden, PMB #250, 3280-55A Tamiami Trail, Port Charlotte, FL 33952


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